Rules and Regulations

(1)        A student admitted to St. Xavier’s Colleges must maintain an ethos of commitment to the academic programme. S/he is expected to aim at the highest achievement in every sphere and to conduct himself/herself in a responsible and dignified manner wherever s/he may be.

(2)        College phones are available during college office hours i.e. from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(3)        According to the University regulations the students must attend 75% of all classes.  St. Xavier’s Colleges expect them to attend all classes. Those who miss classes, even for serious reasons like personal sickness, will have to make up the shortfall in a manner decided by the Principal or his representative. Any one who falls short, irrespective of reasons for absence will not be allowed to appear for the University examinations. Prior permission from the Vice Principal is necessary for taking leave from the College. In case of emergency like serious illness, the guardians/parents should inform the College office immediately and when the student re-joins the College, s/he should submit to the Vice Principal relevant documents like prescription of the doctor, medical certificate, etc.  Such documents submitted at the end of Semester/Year will not be accepted.

(4)        Students are expected to be punctual at the lectures, tutorials and all the activities of the Colleges . A student is allowed to enter the first lecture late only once a month. For this, s/he can approach the Vice Principal for late slip and s/he will be given attendance. If a student is late more than once a month. s/he can enter the class with the permission of the Professor but no attendance will be given. For this s/he does not have to get permission from the Vice-Principal.

(5)        It is not enough to be physically present in the class. Students must maintain discipline in the class. Any act of indiscipline may lead to immediate suspension and further disciplinary action.

(6)        A student must also attend all functions and activities of the Colleges such as, cultural functions, seminars, symposia, debates, quizzes, essay competitions, sports, community services, exposure programmes, retreat, etc. Every student has to take part in at least one item of a cultural programme and one of the competitions like speech, essay writing, poster making, etc,.

(7)        Prior permission is required from the Principal for any absence either from classes, community life activities or any other College activity.

(8)        It goes without saying that no other commitment should be undertaken during the regular timings of the College classes and activities.

(9)        A student should apply for leave when it is necessary. In case of emergency, if a student cannot apply for leave in advance, s/he should send an email to the College ( or an SMS to the mobile numbers of the College. At the time of resuming classes, the student should submit the necessary medical documents or other documents to justify his/her leave. Documents submitted later will not be accepted.

(10)       The student’s name is liable to be dropped from the rolls, if s/he is absent continuously for more than 10 days without leave.  A re-admission fee will be charged, if re-admission is granted at all.

(11)       Use of mobile phones within the College building is strictly prohibited and they should be on switched off mode.  In case of violation of this code the mobile phones may be confiscated or fines imposed or both.

(12)       Students are advised to come to the College in simple and modest dress, befitting an institution of higher learning.

(13)       There is a good number of books in the library.  Every student is expected to make the best use of it making sure, however, to observe the library rules fully.

(14)       Once the teaching days are over, the students will be allowed to check out books in the library on following conditions:

  1. Student deposits the entire cost of the book + Rs. 50.
  2. If there is only one copy of the book, the student must return it within 24 hours failing which the security deposit will not                  be refunded.
  3. If there is more than one copy available, the student must        return it within 72 hours failing which the security deposit will          not be refunded.

(15)       Student will always have the College identity card around the neck in the college premises. It must be given to any authority of the College for inspection on demand.

(16)       If ID is lost for the first time, students will have to pay the cost of ID and if they lose it for a second time, they will have to pay double the cost.

(17)       Those who take all their original certificates from the college office, have to return their ID back to the office.      

(18)       No visitors for students are allowed during lecture hours.

(19)       No meetings should be held in the College nor any new activity taken up without the consent of the Principal.

(20)       No student will leave the College premises without the Principal’s permission, except to go home after the lectures are over.

(21)       Ragging is a criminal offence and those found indulging in, will face immediate expulsion and legal action.

(22)       Any offence regarding gender discrimination, eve-teasing, disrespectful acts or words will be dealt with severely and may lead to dismissal from the College.

(23)       No student shall come to the college under the influence of any intoxicant and if found, serious disciplinary action will be taken. No student shall be found chewing tobacco products or any such things in the college building.

(24)       One of the specialties of St. Xavier’s Colleges  is its large campus. No student shall mistake the campus for a park and behave in an improper way.

(25)       All students should care for the Mother Earth and so they shall  be careful in throwing wrappers, plastic papers, polythene bags, etc., in the dustbins.

(26)       The colleges encourage study tours, picnics and outings with an explicit, prior written permission from the Principal or his delegate. No such outing will be permitted without at least one male and one female faculty member accompanying the group. No such co-curricular, extra-curricular activities can be organized after December. All expenses including those of the  accompanying faculty must be borne by the students.

(27)       Students changing their residence or their parents’ mobile number must inform the College office without delay. If no information is given to the College office, action will be taken against the student.

(28)       No photocopies of certificates will be provided to the students for any purpose from the College office. Students are requested to keep one or two sets of photocopies of their certificates with them.

(29)       If a student has any complaint with regard to fellow students or teachers or administration, s/he should register  the complaints through the various forums provided by the Colleges such as Suggestion Box, Teachers, Co-ordinators, Students’ Council, Grievance Cell, Women’s Grievance Cell, Vice Principal, Principal and Vice President.  A student should not contact any outside agency without exhausting the various forums for redress given by the College.   Serious action will be taken, even dismissal, if a student does not follow this rule.