Magadh University (MU)

Magadh_University_logoThe College conducts at least two examinations at the end of each term. These examinations are held to evaluate the progress of students. All students will have to write and pass these examinations. Failure in these examinations will disqualify the student for the annual University examinations.

Only those students will be allowed to sit for the internal examinations who have got at least 75% class attendance. Those who have got less than the required percentage of attendance will have to make it up and then write the exams. Those who have failed in any subject in the exams may be allowed to continue  provided before appearing for the next examination they will have passed it, failing which they may not be allowed to write the next examinations.

Any student found using unfair means at the College Examinations, may be asked to leave the College at the end of the term/year.

The penalties imposed by the discipline committee will be final and binding on the student. Students must not carry their personal belongings (books, notes, purse, mobile, etc.) into the examination hall. They must check their person, desks, seat surroundings before the examination to make sure that there is nothing there to indicate an attempt at using “unfair” means.

During an examination, students are not allowed to leave the lecture halls until half the duration of the examination is over. Any student leaving the College Building will be considered to have completed the examination and will not be allowed to re-enter the building/ examination hall.

Students who boycott any examination will have to face disciplinary action and it may lead to dismissal from the College. Those students who do not pass in the Terminal Examinations may not be allowed to continue in the College.

The College will organize a Parent-Teacher Meeting after the examinations. All parents/guardians are expected to be present for this meeting to interact with the lecturers and know about the progress of their wards. All parents/ guardians must meet the Principal if their wards fail in any examination.