Fee Structure

Fees are to be paid in two installments: at the time of admission and third week of December.  The admission of those who fail to pay the fees on time will stand cancelled. All fees, except unused tuition fees are non-refundable. Tuition fees will be refunded, provided a student applies before the classes begin. The fee for each course is charged for a year. Those who would like to opt for installment scheme will have to get the permission from the Principal. However, if someone  opts for installment scheme and would like to cancel his/her admission after 1st September 2017, s/he has to pay the fee of the whole year. Until a student takes Transfer Certificate (T.C.) from the college, s/he is a bona fide student of the college and therefore s/he is expected to pay all fees till then.

The following are the “One time down payment” fees:

B.B.A – Rs. 66,000/-

B.B.E – Rs. 50,000/-

B.C.A – Rs. 62,000/-

B.Com (Prof.) – Rs. 50,000/-

B.M.C – Rs. 50,000/-


BA (Eng.) Hons. – Rs. 20,000/-

B.Com (Hons.) – Rs. 35,000/-